Stance Fest - Ashburton - Pietermaritzburg 2017

Posted on Tue August 1, 2017 in Festivals,Fairs and Shows!.

7 October 2017 - 8 October 2017

For this super fun fest - stay here with us at Lincoln Cottages B&B / Self Catering.

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We are 15 - 20 minutes away!

"The point of this show is to bring all types of cars and even motorcycles together; stance cars, older Modified cars (Tony's bagged beauties), performance cars, drift cars, super cars, sound freaks, hot rods, 4x4's and all other type of customized cars! Street bikes, super bikes, Harley's, stunt bikes and even custom motorcycles are all welcome! This is not a show only for Stance cars! So come there with your ride, turn down, air out, park it and let it shine! Having a really good time with people that share the same passion as us is always the best vibes"

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